This is how it pecks: a pebble
held against the roof of the mouth
of an animal in my arms
of which there are more than
the last time I bothered to check
When worn smooth enough
I’ll describe it better
& call it water
The helmet you gave to me
is being put to good use
It makes a nice sound
like a bell announcing a safe return
a few moments premature
It might be easier to list what
you don’t want to take with you
I know it sounds ominous
but it’s just like, itself, forever
& when you touch it
it apologizes for taking what it did
& takes it again



I’m assured a position
in this business
I point out the difference
between a sunset
& the eyelid of a dying
no a sleeping
just sleeping person
I’m a sleeping person
when the mood strikes me
like sparks leaving
the wrist of a blacksmith
who hasn’t bothered
to change out of her
flannel pajama pants
Who repairs who?
I prop myself
on the counter with
my own two elbows
Every good decoy
should contain a method
of gradual destruction
Hello it is already night
Why yes it is
Thank you for noticing