The journey of reaching out to my life is so much
easier to be me and that there’s so much light
and being someone you can count on and what you
see is what you get now and it’s beautiful and everything
sort of falls into place. For the first time in my life
I’ve let myself off the hook and I feel beautiful again
and it’s ok to be the little boy or the little girl
and if I had to choose one decision I could not do over
it would be walking through those doors
and getting the deeper awareness of who I am
which was already there and what I came here for
was to be free and to be whoever I want to be
and it isn’t some magical pill, it’s a transformation
from the inside and the joy gets so bright
it dissolves me into a burning light to help others
and I love me, I truly love me and I see myself accomplishing
more and more and I talk at different levels to people
now and with the creator too, but prior to coming here,
I had very little to live for, but then I found out who I was
and with the mastery of life I have absolutely grown
in myself and we didn’t realize what we were getting
ourselves into and we cry freely now and feel blessed
but even more than that I live each day
in total gratitude and inside the experience
I’ve had and for the first time we were
so happy and we’ve never looked back.





It’s meant so much. I’ve gotten in touch with how much
I’ve judged myself. I realize that now and I can let go
of those and really embrace and honor and find joy
in myself and who I have been created to be. I see divinity
in others and connect with them in deeper ways.
This has all been a huge awakening for me. All the things
I felt so starved for but since I was looking for it outside myself
I learned it was within me and this was a place where I actually
experienced it at a depth that was real for me and I know
how to heal anything in me with more ease and joy.
Something used to be missing in me. I felt like I was dying inside.
I was guided here and it was a life changing experience.
Everything is at a higher level. We’ve both been through
this together and now we’re side by side and the difference
is absolute freedom and I know who I am. I really learned
what’s not working can start working and I’m valuable.
I know now how to de-clutter what was in me and be the
magnificent me I need to be and for me this is everything
in my life and it’s incredible and I know I’m on the start
of a journey that will change our lives forever
and not to take anything away from the birth of our children
but the best day of our lives was when we came here
and learned to love ourselves and choose within.



Before I came here what I thought was a normal life
wasn’t really a normal life and I was carrying around
so much baggage and pain and then this happened
and I let go of all the blame and I realize those things
didn’t define who I am and I allowed myself to get
closer to my creator in so many ways. I had a lot
of numbness and anger and pain and by going through
this training I remembered who I am and I can honestly say
I no longer suffer and my energy flows in a healthy pattern
and I choose consciously to live my life as a blessing
and this is heaven and I have to say I wanted nothing
more than harmony in my home and harmony is what
happened and I’m grateful and the impact has been huge
and we could see the benefits everywhere and one by one
we went through the levels and we’ve had lots of challenges
in our lives but now we have the tools to work
through them and to become more authentic and now our
discussions are real and we say what we feel and get to that
place where we know we love each other and it’s heaven
and one of the biggest impacts was that I wanted to
make sure my kids knew they were enough and I didn’t
want to ruffle the boat either and all of a sudden
I have a child that does talk to me and to give
them the freedom to blossom and speak
whatever their truth is and the more I expressed
what is real for me I saw that it created clarity all around
and now I’m moving forward on the journey.