recall (image)

i am trying to recall my country
separate from my mother’s
my mother left her country as a child
and i grew up there -
in her memories
now that i have left them
i cannot recall
where i once lived

recall (sound)

this is how they speak.
not how you speak.
you sound like this.
you sound like this.
close your mouth
nod politely
this is how i speak, now.

recall (context)

they say that
columbus looked to the hills and said - trinity.
it was his third voyage, and were the island flat
we would have found reason to embrace this stroke
what is fate might as well be luck,
whim fit to a narrative of occasion.

this is life and
i do not look to the hills but to the sheets,
mountains as pillows, wrinkled valleys:
outside, the men make loud sounds and i hope
for the third
that the windows are shut tight, the curtains are drawn.

RECALL / poem + image scans + soundscape