A growing body of media
consumption is not a zero sum

property, windowless office, cellar door
but desire for a thing and the thing's

construction in language. Cut a slice
of pizza from the middle of a pizza:


Cover me, the singularity, crush porn
How good would it feel

to shit in this sand trap. Slow down
nice things. Don't confuse the network

with democracy. I mean I still want
monogamy, port industry

in its entirety, molly,
just for you.



Googling exes with inhuman
speed makes me sorry

I was never in a band.
Life imitates art

which is the origin myth
of flatulence. Silent

but deadly. Why
are you staring. Do I deserve

clearer and more generous light.
We liked the same music we liked

the same bands we liked the same
clothes. Kanye wants me to think

futuristically but I can only manage
what keeps me

in the present, constantly shocked
to learn friends have savings

accounts. I know you're tired of being
wealthy, so bb gurl put it on me.