Cartomancy typically refers to systems of divination involving cards. The new cartomancies, however, situate us within digital and spatial geographies. Using our smart phone and google maps, there are a number of techniques available to the technoshaman.


Orientation & the New Qibla

Muslims have long known the power of orienting oneself in ritual. The qibla is a compass that allows practitioners to face Mecca no matter where they are standing. In order to use the qibla, however, one had to know the latitude and longitude of their location. Smart phones eliminate this problem while opening the possibility for many points of ritual power.

Imagine facing the location of your first tender kiss as you prepare for a date, or drawing creative power from the grave of an artist with whom you share strong aesthetic ties. Often, I use my phone to aid in meditation. If I am troubled by an event that happened, I face it head on. If I am looking for a sense of security, I build those emotions while aligned with the place of my birth.

Open google maps on your phone and type in a location. If it is far away from you, perhaps across the world, you must draw your screen inward, until you can see where you are standing and the point you intend to face. There will be a small arrow, a compass point, that appears. Shift your body until the arrow points at your destination. You are aligned. Imagine the quality you seek rushing into your body, filling you with the energy you need to complete your task.


Constructing Points of Personal Power

The world is full of places which can become important to us. Google maps is an excellent means for finding them.

Before I travel somewhere, I run a map search. “Tina Hyland near London, England,” for example.



Here, I am directed to a pub called “Green Man”. This has immediate significance to me as the Green Man, whose pagan face can be found on many old churches, is a god of rebirth. Whether he is called Pan or Cernunnos, the Green Man is a sacred deity to many witches and technoshamans. I will go to this pub and see who I meet, or what comes to mind. There are important connections and insights to be gleaned there.

When google maps directs you to a site of personal power, the location should always be saved on your phone. Each saved location leaves a permanent star on the world map. When you have collected enough of these points, you can begin to construct a sigil of geographic power.


Sigils of Geographic Power

Draw your map inward, so you can see all of your saved locations. Take a screenshot and print the image. With tracing paper, create a constellation. There is no wrong way to do this; trust your aesthetic and intuitive sense.

These sigils can be used in a number of ways, and you can draw as many as you like, each for a new purpose. Place one on your door to help a lost pet find his way home, or use one when you are working magick off-grid and unable to orient yourself with a phone. See Appendix S for more examples of sigil use.






On the Magickal Mind:

The magickal mind has been called many things: trance, no-mind, gnosis, one-pointedness. It seems every magickal tradition has a name for it, and there are as many ways to enter it as there are names. Peter J. Carroll offers a number of suggestions in Liber Null & Psychonaut.

meditation, sensory deprivation, dancing, chanting, drugs, sleeplessness, visualization, fasting, flagellation, masturbation, sensory overload, gazing, drumming, glossolalia, sexual excitation, panting, pain, rocking, emotional waves, exhaustion, concentration...

Inhibitory: I want to join the ecology of the night. I lie down in the grass, close my eyes. I take a deep breath and exhale a sound, a vowel, round and warm. The air leaves my body. I send thoughts with it. I empty. When my mind is blank, I end the intonation. Breathe quietly, deeply. I empty. Rat in the bush. Spiny grass at arm. These are a sensory field, but there is no movement in the body. No movement but breath. No movement in the mind. Lightheaded between two eyes. Owl over. Who. Rat in bush. Brightness of white behind two eyes. Breath of body. Rat bush. Grass spine. Head dark bright behind two eyes.

This is the magickal mind.

Exhibitory: I sit on the ground and close my eyes. I begin to make sounds, singing softly na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, and my torso sways in gentle circles above my hips. The song and the rolling and the rolling song intensify, build. New sounds. My head circles my neck as my my NANANANANAhhhhhNaaa torso circles my hips my shoulders enter rotation rocking AHHHHummmmNANANANANA my hands rub my thighs rub my thighs AAAAAuuuummmmmNANANANA pitch higher hair swinging with head dip down full circle body voice and white flash of light of dizzy of hot of bright.

This is the magickal mind.